Lawn Care and Mowing in Greenwood SC

Landscape Upstate provides lawn care and mowing in Greenwood SC. We understand there is more to mowing a lawn than simply riding over the grass with the blades spinning. We take great care and pride to ensure we use the correct tools for each property. We use high quality commercial mowers with sharp blades, every time. Our employees stay up to date with the latest trends and information for mowing turf. We ensure your grass is mowed according to best practices in the lawn care industry and mow to appropriate height according to your grass type. Not all grass should be maintained the same way and we take the time to determine the best needs for your lawn and put a unique plan in place for all properties we maintain, commercial or residential. We routinely verify our methods with established educational institutions such as Clemson University’s HGIC and turf industry professionals. For more information from Clemson visit this site.

There are many grass mowing services in Greenwood SC. If you are only looking for someone to make your grass shorter than when they came, we are not the service for you. We focus on quality, this means we will spend more time on your property than most other companies to ensure we provide the highest quality service every time. This also means we are not the cheapest service in town. We promise you that you will notice a difference between our grass mowing services and those of most other lawn care companies in Greenwood.

We do not bag grass clippings, by returning clippings to the soil it provides nutrients for the lawn as well as not requiring space in a landfill. We offer grass mowing to commercial and high-end residential customers in Greenwood, SC.

What height should I mow my lawn? The chart below shows the proper mowing height for bermuda, centipede, zoysia and all other grasses in our area. See the chart below provided by Clemson, click the link above for more information.

lawn care and mowing in greenwood sc

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