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Each month in 2020 we will offer tips on how to get your lawn looking great!

January Lawn Care

January is a month when the majority of the grass in Greenwood SC is dormant. Many commercial sites received a rye overseed around the first of October and are green, but most home lawns are not overseeded. We will discuss overseeding lawns in September.

Greenwood SC Grass Types

Greenwood grasses are predominantly bermuda and centipede. There are some higher end yards with zoysia and a few with St. Augustine but those are not as common.

Almost the entire neighborhood of Hunter’s Creek is hybrid bermuda. Bermuda was and is used for most sodded lawns because it is relatively inexpensive and looks nice when properly maintained. A lot of higher end sod installers in Greenwood, like Four Seasons Landscape and Davis Tree, are moving away from bermuda and using centipede or zoysia instead because it is a better quality turf. Despite this, there is still a lot of bermuda turf and it will be the first grass we discuss in detail.


Bermuda yards are dormant in January for the most part. You may see some green along the edges of concrete or asphalt where the hard surfaces keep the temperature a little higher, but generally bermuda is brown this time of year in Greenwood. So, what steps are needed for a dormant lawn?

  • Mowing: This may not sound like a necessary step, but mowing the lawn once every few weeks while it is not actively growing can help ensure it is ready for spring green up. Use a bagger to mow dormant lawns if feasible as it will help with the next step. Mow at around 1″ or lower if your normal height is 1″.
  • Dethatch: Now is a good time to get all the grass clippings out of the yard. Some thatch is good, but unless you are actively monitoring the amount of thatch and bagging all clippings, it is safe to assume your lawn has too much thatch. Too much thatch increases the chances of many lawn diseases such as fungus. Also, getting rid of excessive thatch allows water, air and nutrients to reach the soil and root zone.
  • Irrigation: Lawns do need quite as much water during the dormant season, but they are prone to become severely dried out by cold and windy weather. Rain should prevent the need for irrigation, but if there has been no measurable precipitation for 3 to 4 weeks, water your lawn.
bermuda grass in greenwood sc


Centipede maintenance for January is the same as for Bermuda.

centipede grass in greenwood sc


Zoysia maintenance for January is the same as for Bermuda. The below photo is of a fine blade Zeon zoysia, there are others with a wider blade such as Palisades.

zoysia grass in greenwood sc

St. Augustine

St. Augustine maintenance for January is the same as for Bermuda.

st. augustine grass in greenwood sc

What type of grass do I have?

If you are unsure what type of grass you have, we will help identify it for you. Feel free to contact us.

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